Let's set up your Birch Robot clock!

Step 1 Birch Robot clocks come with two different clock movements. If yours looks like the one below and has a single battery compartment then move the pendulum arm to the right to unlock. For clock movements with two battery compartments simply remove the protective tape from the pendulum arm.


Step 2 Your clock may have a top pendulum that is not installed. If so, insert the pendulum into the pendulum holder located at the top of the pendulum movement.

Step 3 If the ears or arms of your clock are not installed, insert them into the slots on the siderails.

Step 4 Attach the bottom pendulum to the pendulum arm.

Step 5 Install a new AA battery or batteries. Do not use rechargeable batteries. 
Step 6 Finally, set the time by moving the round dial on the back of the clock. Avoid physically moving the hour hand when setting the time as this can cause the the hour hand to slide off the clock shaft. 


Issue: Loose Hour or Minute Hand

Solution: Your clock's hands are designed to be easily reinstalled by pushing them back onto the clock shaft (see photo below). Once you snap them back into place, move both hands to 12 o'clock and set the time. 

Issue: Time is Not Moving

Solution: There's a good chance the brass pin that's on the minute hand could be pushed in too deep which is causing friction and not allowing the clock hands to spin correctly. If you look closely you should notice the brass pin spinning clockwise with every second. However If you do not see it spinning, try wiggling or gently pulling the pin out a tiny bit.

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